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Fun, Modern, Candid Photos

Hey families and Honolulu visitors! Are you ready to sprinkle some sand, sun, and fun into your Oahu family photos? At Brandon Smith Photography, I'm not just capturing photos however, I'm immortalizing the laughter, the playfulness, and those perfect beach day shenanigans. My ultimate goal is to create art that you will print and decorate your home with. Images that will make you smile, remind you of the love and connection you have with your favorite people.

I waited tables for 13 years before I started shooting which gave me the social skills that I believe make my business and resulting images stand out. I am so used to meeting new people and am good at instantly making them feel comfortable. I'm super laid-back. The most common review I've gotten over the years is how comfortable I made my people feel. It's not an accident. My skill-set is people. Building rapport. I tend to immediately know what sort of vibe I need to have to photograph people authentically. I can be proper, for more reserved families, as well as a total nut for people that like to have fun or have goofball kids. We're really just hanging out at the end of the day.

I believe family photos should be as lively and lovely as your family itself. Imagine your little ones frolicking in the surf, your teens smiling genuinely, and the whole family creating memories that even the most stubborn toddler can't help but giggle at.

I know all the right places on Oahu to capture your family's unique spark. We can chat about locations. There's beaches for sure but also dramatic cliffs, urban street art, architecture and jungly hiking trails. Whether it's a candid splash fight, a sandy toe tickle, or a sunset group hug, I'm there to catch every spontaneous moment.
So, let's ditch the stiff 90's poses and bring on the natural vibes! With Brandon Smith Photography, your family album will be more than just pictures; it'll be a treasure trove of sunny, sandy, silly Oahu memories. Contact me today, and let's turn those everyday moments into extraordinary memories at a beautiful location on Oahu!

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