Frequently Asked Questions

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How many photos do we get?


For any shoot with me, I select all the good images from the total, I edit those and deliver them hi-res thru a online gallery system where you can access, download, post, share and print forever. Physical prints are not included but may be ordered thru the included gallery. You're also free to download your images and print them however you like. All shoots are different, but the point is, you get alot of photos. A single person for a modeling shoot might be around 30 images. A wedding is generally 50+ images per hour. A family session can be 80-100.

How long til we get our photos?


I will admit, I'm not the fastest editor. My turnaround time varies, depending how busy I am during the year. It can be 4-8 weeks sometimes. The main reason is, I give people huge galleries. I also have a commitment to excellence and I don't just slap a preset on my images and move on. I hand edit every single image so skin tone, contrast, color etc are all to my liking. I'm trying to create art that will live on your walls for the rest of your life, so it can take some time. That said, if there's something that requires one or two images, just let me know and we can work it out.

What happens if it rains or its really windy?


My philosophy for photography is that whatever situation was given to us on our shoot day is what I need to work with to create art for you. I prefer if families embrace the present moment and have fun with whatever we are given. That said, if at any time a client thinks the day is not ideal, I would never force someone to shoot. I always want my clients to feel comfortable. We can always reschedule. I just like to be clear that its not my job to wait for a perfect day, my job is to create art with whatever situation is happening in front of me. I've had it rain lightly and the family I had with me just said "this is our only day to shoot, lets just do it" and the mom whipped her hair in a pony tail and we carried on and the photos are lovely and they ordered huge prints for their house. As far as wind, we are at the beach most of the time. It's windy. This is not a studio shoot.

What type of client works best for your style?


I adore happy, silly, playful, loving, affectionate people. My style is beauty with a touch of mayhem. Easy smiles, laughter, wild children, a bit of rough housing. A sense of humor. I do struggle a bit with clients that don't like to touch eachother, my style is very close up and focuses on the emotion and connection between people.