I'm Brandon

I love to sing at karaoke bars and go out dancing to techno.

I like Trolli gummy worms, draft beer & foreign countries.

Favorite show: The Leftovers (HBO)

Favorite Movie: Sunshine (by Danny Boyle)

Hey there, I'm Brandon Smith.

My journey into photography was kind of a quantum leap.

I had been asking the Universe to show me a different path, and I was not finding one for years. I had been waiting tables for 13 years. I really had no idea what my next chapter was gonna look like. But when it arrived it was sudden, and a wonderful experience of flowing "downhill."

Now, this is my only name-dropper moment but its necessary for the story. My best friends met and became friends with Myspace Tom, (yes, the literal first friend on Myspace.) Life is wild. He ended up being the catalyst I had been searching for. When we met he was so passionately into taking landscape photos and was extremely knowledgeable, so excited to go find spots and talk shop. Not long after, our friend group traveled the Oregon and Washington Coastline in a Winnebago Brave with him and by the end of that trip, after being surrounded by photographers, I had asked if he had an extra camera I could buy. I started learning everything about it and this entire ten year journey blossomed out of that joy of being squished in a camper with my buddies, going from vista to vista.

I have to mention my mentor John Hook that I've known for 20 years. Tom inspired me to get a camera, John is the reason I had enough knowledge to start shooting in the world. You might see us together shooting your wedding! He is really is one of my favorite humans and we make a great team.

I needed to find something I could do in the world that mattered to me or had some impact big or small. I would have never imagined this line of work as what that would look like but I'm so so thankful to have found this. I have been so blown away by this last decade. I take deep pride in my work. I believe people are good and I approach each shoot as if I'm meeting my new besties. I work very hard to maintain the energy of my shoots and know how important it is to make people feel safe so that they can open up and allow me to capture their spirit. I'm also a total goofball and kids tend to like me fairly quickly which creates a better experience for all of us.

I look forward to meeting you guys. Thank you so much for trusting me with your precious memories.


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