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Brandon Smith Photography is your premier destination for wedding and family photography on the stunning island of Oahu, Hawaii.

As a dedicated and experienced Oahu Family and Wedding photographer, I specialize in capturing the magic of love and togetherness against the breathtaking backdrop of this tropical paradise. Whether you're planning a dreamy Oahu wedding or looking to capture cherished family moments in this idyllic setting, my passion lies in creating genuine connections and comfortable environments to reveal the authentic essence of your special occasions. From the sandy shores to the lush landscapes, my lens freezes these cherished memories into timeless treasures you'll hold dear forever. Let me be your trusted guide in capturing the beauty of Oahu and the love that fills your heart. Contact me today to embark on this incredible photography journey. Mahalo! (Thank you!)
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Yelp Review

Nataliya M.

You don't have to look or feel 'perfect' to have an amazing photoshoot. Sure, we can chat about locations, editing styles, and clothing choices, but when the day of the shoot arrives, no one is ever feeling 100%.

Life doesn't magically transform into a flawless scene just because there's a photoshoot on the schedule. Maybe the groom's family is testing your patience, or the kids have been running wild all day before a family session. It's this aspect that I embrace and intentionally encourage sometimes. The perfection of imperfection.

We lean into the wild flow of life. Whether it's a slightly tousled hairstyle, a partner who can be wonderfully imperfect, or children with endless energy, we create a space where we honor the reality of this ephemeral existence.

You bring whatever percent of yourself you've got that day, my job is to provide an atmosphere of comfort and fun, and meet you with the remaining percent to craft art for your home.

So, let's capture life as it is - beautifully imperfect and authentically yours.

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