What to wear for a Hawaii family photoshoot.

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What To Wear For a Hawaii Family Photo Session

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Beach Chic: Unveiling the Perfect Attire for Your Oahu Family Photoshoot in the Sand

When it comes to beach family photo shoots on the stunning shores of Oahu, choosing the right attire can transform your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary. Forget the notion that everyone needs to wear matching white outfits. Embrace the beachy vibes with a wardrobe that's as vibrant and diverse as your family itself.

1. Linen Love: Breathable and Beautiful
Linen fabrics are the unsung heroes of Oahu beach photo shoots. Lightweight and breathable, they add a touch of effortless elegance against the coastal backdrop of Honolulu. Think flowy linen shirts for the guys and adorable linen sundresses for the little ones. Not only do they look chic, but they also complement the beach atmosphere perfectly in this slice of Hawaiian paradise.

2. Sun Dresses for All Ages
Ladies, it's time to bring out those sun dresses! Whether it's a playful floral print or a solid color that pops against the Oahu sand, sun dresses add a whimsical and feminine touch to the photos. They catch the ocean breeze just right and create a laid-back, beachy feel in this tropical haven.

3. Jewel Tones: Bold and Beautiful
Break away from the conventional pastels and neutrals. Jewel tones like deep blues, rich greens, and vibrant corals can add a striking contrast against the beach landscape in Hawaii. These colors not only stand out but also reflect the natural hues of the Oahu sea and sky, creating a harmonious blend that defines Hawaiian charm.

4. Mix and Match: Let Individuality Shine
The days of everyone wearing the exact same outfit are long gone. Embrace individuality! Allow each family member to showcase their unique style against the backdrop of Oahu's beaches. Whether it's a different color palette or a mix of casual and semi-formal attire, the diversity adds character to your family photos in this slice of paradise. That said, if you really want to go to the ABC store and buy matching aloha shirts, they're your photos, I wont complain.

5. Accessorize with Beachy Flair
Don't forget the accessories! Sun hats, sandals, and statement sunglasses not only protect against the Oahu sun but also add a touch of beachy flair to the ensemble. Consider incorporating a few beach-themed accessories for that extra seaside charm in this Hawaiian paradise.

6. Snatch that waist
Ladies if you can, it helps to not wear an A-frame dress because the wind can fly up from the bottom and make you look bigger than you are. If you can snatch that waist, snatch it!

7. Get a little extra with it
Don't be afraid to really go for it with a "flutter dress" or "parachute" dress or head to toe sequins and full glam. What possibly looks alittle extra in person does not read the same way in photos. I had a girl show up with a full blue sequin pageant dress and to my eyes it was maybe alot, but the camera LOVED it.

8. Don't worry about shoes
If it's a beach shoot, you'll be barefoot so that takes one item off the stress list.

9. No neon pink
Neon colors reflect their color back onto your skin and getting a pink color off of people is really hard when I'm editing.

10. Bring towels
I always forget to tell people to bring towels to dry the kids off because I do like to embrace getting alittle messy towards the end if you're into it. Also a second change of clothes if you're planning on going to dinner afterwards so you don't have to drive back to the hotel.

Remember: It's About Harmony, Not Uniformity
The key to a stunning Oahu beach family photo shoot is harmony, not uniformity. Coordinating colors and styles without being too matchy-matchy creates a visually appealing and dynamic composition. Let your family's personality shine through in the wardrobe choices, and watch as the beach becomes the canvas for your unique story in Hawaii.
So, when gearing up for your Oahu beach photo shoot, remember: there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Embrace the beauty of diversity, and let your family's individuality shine through in every frame.
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